Somos Films and Piñolywood Studios recording El Quinceañero De Mi Abuela


Lucia Pineda

MIAMI, Fl., February, 2020 - SOMOS FILMS, the company dedicated to the production of feature films in Spanish, part of SOMOS Group, and Piñolywood Studios continue filming in Puerto Rico the movie El Quinceañero De Mi Abuela in Puerto Rico. Showing the wonderful landscapes of the island and the culture of its people, the co-production promises to give a family message and leave its viewers with a smile on their face. This co-production adds to the portfolio of this new film production company, which already has in its short existence six films, four finished films (two already released in cinemas) and two more in different stages of production.

The family comedy tells the story of Sonia and her beloved grandmother, Georgina. Sonia is a woman who has just lost her job and decides to concentrate her time and energy on planning for Georgina the party she could never have but always wanted, her quinceañero. Sonia will face unpredictable situations that occur planning this big party. What she doesn't know is that she will have to deal with the personal relationships that her guests, who are no longer so young, have among themselves.

El Quinceañero De Mi Abuela will feature Puerto Rican talents Monica Pastrana (host of Locas De Atar in Univisión and Raymond Y Sus Amigos in Telemundo) as Sonia, Johanna Rosaly (with a career in the entertainment industry since 1957) as Grandma Georgina, Lynette Torres as Carmen and Víctor Santiago is Iván.

SOMOS Films already has a significant and growing catalog. So far the movies Muerte en Berruecos (2018), El Paraíso de La Serpiente (2018), Voy Por Ti (2019) and Especial (2019) are finished, and it is producing El Quinceañero de mi Abuela along with Al Revés. Company’s executives mentioned they will soon announce other projects in progress.

About SOMOS Films: SOMOS Films, LLC is a company specialized in the production of films in Spanish, led by a team of highly specialized professionals. SOMOS Films participates in co-production and wholly financed projects. The company generates, evaluates and develops ideas, with a philosophy of flexible participation in all phases of film production. For more information please visit us at